Voip service for universities

VoIP Service for Universities

Can you reimagine the communication system with VoIP for schools if you are running on legacy telephone systems and are having a hard time keeping up with today’s ever-changing communication technology? Then it might be time to consider VoIP for universities and the many advantages that come with these systems.

Many universities have made the switch from traditional landlines to more advanced VoIP phone systems. One of the biggest reasons universities are changing over to VoIP is the cost savings from tolled PSTN networks to internet connections with toll-free access, saving universities substantial amounts on their monthly phone charges.
VoIP for universities
Keep reading to discover the benefits of VoIP for schools and universities, how VoIP impacts campus communications and the safety and security of these state-of-the-art internet networks.

What Are the Benefits of VoIP for Schools and Universities?

There are many reasons why universities and schools are crossing over from conventional landline phone systems to VoIP service providers. From the many benefits in operational costs, phone system upgrades, and enhanced customer service, university administrators are seeing a huge difference in how they stay connected.

Reimagine the communication system with VoIP for schools by upgrading your current communication systems. Remote communications are another robust benefit of VoIP phone systems for universities. Several resources have been diverted to better emergency and planned projects within the school system with more features that makes integrating to unified communications easier than most people think.

Below are the benefits of VoIP for schools:

Safety and Security

voip security The benefits of VoIP for schools couldn’t be any more critical than the safety and security of students and faculty members. When VoIP and SIP are linked to a WiFi network, staff and students can access emergency numbers on their wireless devices and smartphones.

VoIP for schools and universities can broadcast emergency messages throughout the campus and to anyone who’s connected to the system via smartphones and wireless devices such as laptop computers and tablets. Additionally, it improves both internal and external communications and makes the campus a safer place to be.


VoIP phone systems for universities promote E-learning and integrate easier into social media accounts, leaving students feeling better about staying connected to their social media channels. Video conferencing with VoIP enables individuals and groups from different countries to collaborate on a number of projects that otherwise would be impossible.

Those who conduct lectures find that classes that utilize WhatsApp and other platforms have a better response from students who are submitting their homework assignments electronically while collaborating on social media networks. Education networks that use VoIP for schools create a better environment for academic and non-academic staff.

Call Management

voip call management The primary function of any educational institution is dependent on students, especially during the start of the school year. VoIP for universities can place incoming calls to hunting groups and allows staff to receive calls from unattended desks.

Features like the IVR system and keypad bypass the need for a switchboard and direct the caller to the right academic department. IVRs can also send brochures and requests to email addresses and support SIP technology. Further SIP integrations can convert smartphones into a phoneVoIP extension for both staff and students.

It’s easy to reimagine the communication system with VoIP for schools when you have one in place. The benefits of VoIP for schools and universities improve the overall communications that are required on campuses where there are many students and staff members present.

How to Get the Best VoIP Phone Systems for Universities?

Getting the best VoIP phone systems for universities and schools couldn’t be any easier than selecting a VoIP service provider at Review VoIP. We provide the best selection of the top-rated VoIP service providers and offer assistance for determining which one works best for your institution based on system needs and requirements.

The benefits of VoIP for schools and universities are far-reaching and enable staff and students to stay connected and communicate in ways that are not possible with traditional legacy phone systems. For more information about getting a VoIP phone system for your university or school, call us today or fill out our contact form.