phone systems for hospitals

Phone Systems for Hospitals

The healthcare industry as a whole is an industry where effective communications are used on a daily basis. Therefore, beyond any shadow of a doubt, phone systems for health care professionals are paramount to taking care of patients and tasks that need to be completed inside and outside of the physical location of the hospital.

Hospital phone systems need to handle the volume of calls they send and receive as well as in-house services, staff management, outsourced medical billing, communications with pharmacies, guest inquiries, and so much more. Regardless of the use, phone systems for health care need to be reliable, quick, and concise.

To learn more about the best phone systems for hospitals and how VoIP technology is leading the way for many hospitals to make the switch from traditional landline phone systems, keep reading this Review VoIP guide.

The Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems for Hospitals

hospitals VoIP phone systems VoIP for hospitals has become the go-to phone system for worldwide medical professionals for many reasons when compared to conventional landline systems.
One of the biggest reasons is that technology is moving toward VoIP. The service providers listed on Review VoIP are the most recommended by consumers.

According to recent consumer polls, a large number of phone manufacturers are changing their infrastructure to accommodate VoIP service. Both VoIP phone systems in hospitals and global systems are cost-effective for customers and providers. Another study reported hospitals to save up to 60% or more with VoIP compared to landlines.

There are many benefits of having a VoIP system in your hospital or health care facility. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to always be connected via the internet and not having a power outage affects your phone services.

How to Choose the Best VoIP for Hospitals?

Here at Review VoIP, we suggest choosing the best phone systems for health care based on your preferences and needs and not so much about the monthly cost of the VoIP service plan. It is important to choose the right plan that accommodates the needs and volume of phone service of the hospital.

Here are some questions to ask yourself for choosing VoIP phone systems in hospitals:

  • What are the needs of your hospital and does the VoIP service provide adequate support?
  • Does the VoIP service offer support and customer service for troubleshooting issues?
  • Can the VoIP provider offer remote access and work with your current devices?
  • How many phone lines does your hospital need and can you get current updates?
  • Does the VoIP service allow for the web and cloud-based storage solutions?
  • How many employees can be at a video conference and is the auto-attendant customizable?
  • Is your current internet service provider offering enough bandwidth and having a good track record for uninterrupted service?

While the above questions are essential, the cost of a monthly plan of VoIP for hospitals isn’t a top priority when looking for a service provider, it’s the quality of phone service that matters the most. To understand more about the best phone systems for health care and hospitals, read the user-submitted reviews and statistics on Review VoIP.

Why is VoIP for Hospitals Better Than Traditional Landlines?

There are several reasons why VoIP phone systems in hospitals are better than traditional landline phone service plans. First, they are equipped with all of the latest features that reduce operating costs, improve your medical workflow, and state-of-the-art communications with web conferencing and so much more.

Here are some key points of VoIP phone systems in hospitals:

  • When compared to conventional phone systems, VoIP for hospitals provides real solutions for maximum healthcare to your patients via efficient and proper collaboration among your employees as well as professional communications between doctors and patients.
  • VoIP phone systems in hospitals offer doctors and staff to communicate with each other using the latest software and hardware applications in real time with tools and features that allow them to collaborate remotely, making communication throughout the physical location of the hospital and remote connections from home more efficient.
  • VoIP hospital phone systems can lower your monthly telephone and communication up to 60% or more by reducing multi-site communication, expansion, and infrastructure costs. Since VoIP uses the internet to place and receive calls, you can eliminate your traditional and dedicated landline.
  • Hospital administrators and human resource departments can lower their infrastructure costs by utilizing existing wide or local area networks as opposed to spending money on separate networks for phone and data systems. This is largely due to the fact that most internet calls can be made free of charge with a cloud-based VoIP phone system.

The list above explains many practical reasons why the best phone systems for hospitals today are VoIP; however, if you can’t decide, you should contact Review VoIP to talk to a representative about which one is best for your facility. VoIP systems can also link to other facilities from your existing one, making it ideal for new locations.

Features of VoIP Phone Systems for Health Care

VoIP features for hospitals A fully-functional VoIP phone system will provide a wide range of productivity features that are essential for a productive workflow while giving your patients the best care a hospital can give without any interruptions in the system. This is where traditional landlines fall short, they come with limited features.

Productivity Features

VoIP phone systems in hospitals are equipped with the latest software and user applications and provide all of the best features such as call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling, call forwarding, voicemail, extra lines, and more. These are known as productivity features, and they offer a more diverse and wide range of features.

The productivity feature enables your medical personnel and doctors the most efficient methods of communication. These VoIP features even extend outside of the hospital with remote access, providing there’s a quality internet connection.

Advanced Messaging Capabilities

phone system for hospital With recommended phone systems for health care by Review VoIP, you get advanced messaging capabilities like conference bridge, group paging, find me/follow me, hunt groups, and so much more. VoIP systems in hospitals allow you to communicate with in-house hospital staff and other health care providers who may be in and out of their offices.

This gives hospitals untapped power to communicate remotely and keep track of patients’ treatments, health conditions, and emergency situations, ensuring your patients receive adequate treatment at all times. Advanced messaging capabilities are often used in video conferences like Telemedicine and more.

Further, VoIP for hospitals allows flexibility with call waiting and video conferencing with easy features that provide a variety of functions. You can easily have a virtual meeting with anyone in the hospital or remotely while connecting via messaging systems and call features, making your VoIP phone system a better experience.

VoIP-Enabled Integrations

VoIP phone systems in hospitals allow users to integrate their current phone system with other back-end operations and communication platforms. For example, a hospital information system (HIS) includes a hospital’s financial administration, medical, and legal tasks. VoIP-enabled integrations make administrative duties more productive.

Having a VoIP phone system for medical billing is paramount as it also integrates with your billing software. The healthcare industry as a whole is an industry that depends on effective communication to withstand the daily requirements that hospitals are under.

Hold Music

VoIP music features With the best VoIP hospital phone systems, you can treat your customers by adding hold music features. This allows your patients to wait online without being annoyed or anxious and assures them that you’ll be back as soon as possible. Choose the hold music tone you want and get the most out of your VoIP system.


Auto-attendant is a great feature to have in the healthcare industry because if your personnel is busy with another important call, the auto-attendant feature can answer the phone automatically while welcoming the patient with a customizable greeting. It can also redirect the call to the proper extension or department fast and easily.

Video Conferencing

doctor video conferece Practitioners and doctors are always busy and never know when they may be needed. When you add video conferencing to your VoIP for hospitals, you get a more personal doctor/patient experience. This feature also allows you to work with colleagues remotely and while you’re away from the office.

Live Chat and SMS Messaging

When a patient needs to talk to a doctor, they want to talk to them as soon as possible. Therefore, many in the healthcare field have adopted the “live chat” features of VoIP that allows them to talk to the staff with the touch of a button.

Instead of integrating or paying extra for this feature, most VoIP phone systems in hospitals offer it free or for a small fee. VoIP phone systems for health care are revolutionizing how phone services work for the best patient care to date.

Mobile Apps

mobile VoIP apps Mobile apps are a valuable resource for doctors and healthcare professionals who want to utilize their mobile devices while staying connected when out of the office. Most mobile apps provide doctors and patients to send instant messages back and forth. Additionally, they also can provide access to files and records very efficiently.

Web Widgets

Another great feature of VoIP are web widgets because they can help your hospital get new patients when potential patients are browsing and surfing the web, they can find your website via your widget. This VoIP feature allows new patients to quickly access your facility and entices them to call.

Call Routing

hospital call routing Hospital phone systems with VoIP allow doctors to route their calls to other devices or locations outside of the office. For example, you can have your phone calls routed to your tablet, cell phone, home phone line, or other devices. This helps to ensure your patients can always reach you, especially in cases of an emergency.

With so many great features of VoIP phone systems for health care professionals, it’s not a big surprise that they are replacing traditional landlines more and more as technology shifts toward VoIP. Review VoIP provides the best providers for hospital phone systems and other medical professionals who want the best phone service.

How to Review the Top VoIP Providers for Hospitals?

There are many ways to review the top VoIP providers for hospitals but the best way is at Review VoIP. We provide accurate reviews, sign ups, and pricing of today’s leading VoIP services. Our platform allows users to research and compare the best business VoIP communication systems with the click of a mouse.

Here are some of the best providers of VoIP phone systems in hospitals:

  • Panterra Networks
  • ClarityTel
  • Mighty Call
  • Grasshopper
  • 1-VoIP
  • VoIPLy
  • Soundcurve
  • Cabertel
  • Jive
  • RingCentral

All of the VoIP phone systems for health care at Review VoIP are rated five out of five stars as we diligently research and test the best service providers in the industry. You can easily get pricing and more information about these VoIP services for hospitals on our comparison website.

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review VoIP for hospitals Since healthcare is a primary business in the medical field, it is critical to have the best phone systems that allow doctors and patients to communicate in a number of different ways. While traditional phone lines were prime in their day, they have been slowly being phased out for the more functional and cost-effective VoIP systems.

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