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The Best VoIP Phone Features for Legal Services Businesses

Communication is an integral part of all legal business operations. Businesses must communicate with clients constantly, follow up on witnesses, gather evidence, and other aspects that require proper communication channels.

For legal services and other small businesses, VoIP business solutions offer the best communication option. VoIP does not only make communication efficient but also makes it affordable and convenient. With VoIP, additional call features that are not offered by traditional landlines are available to the benefit of the company using it.

For those in the legal services business and other small businesses, it is important to explore a workable business calls solution. Keep on reading to learn more about the best phone systems for law offices and other small businesses.

Looking For The Perfect Solution?

What is VoIP for Business Services?

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a system of communication where voice calls are sent over the internet. When a call is made, voice data is collected from one end and converted into data packets that are then transferred over the internet and delivered to the receiver.

This method of communication has made voice calls cheaper and easy to manage. Law office phone systems used by developed and advanced law firms offer plenty of features that smaller law firms can’t afford. Thanks to VoIP, smaller law firms and other businesses can now access the advanced features.

For law firms and other small businesses, there are many reasons to choose VoIP services over other communication channels. Apart from affordability and ease of installation, VoIP services offer key features that are specifically crucial for legal service providers.

Below are some of the reasons why small businesses must choose VoIP services:

Professional Image

For any person working in the legal system, it is a known fact that clients trust lawyers who look and operate professionally. The legal profession is the only profession in the world where practitioners dress officially from Monday to Friday. This is because impressions matter at all times.

When it comes to making legal calls, it is even more critical to look professional. No one wants to associate with a business whose communication is unprofessional, inconsistent, or unreliable. This calls for choosing a law office phone system that is efficient and professional.

Our VoIP phone systems offer more features that will make even beginner businesses look professional. Features such as virtual receptionist, call routing, and call scheduling can help even small businesses sound quite professional.

Stay Connected in and Out of Office

The other key benefit of VoIP is that VoIP bridges the gap between office and personal calls without necessarily causing inconveniences. For most businesses, all calls have to go through the office desk. For a lawyer, anytime is business time including times when out of the office. VoIP tries to bridge the gap between office and home.

Most VoIP service providers allow users to receive calls via mobile phone apps. This makes it possible to receive a call even when out of the office. When a business line is used on the personal phone, it is possible to receive business calls even when out of the office. Since legal businesses can be quite demanding, this feature is helpful.

Instantly Switch a call From Your Desk Phone to Your Mobile

The other key feature that will suit most lawyers and small businesses is a call flip. There are situations where it is necessary to switch from a desk phone to a mobile phone. With our VoIP services, it is possible to flip from desk to mobile phone at a click of a button.

Unlike most traditional office phone systems where calls must be received at the desk, VoIP offers the privacy needed by lawyers. If a call is too private to be received in public, the best solution would be to flip it to mobile and answer it at a private location.

Streamline Billing with Accurate Records

The other key benefit of using VoIP for small businesses is the ease of billing. The billing departments in most businesses have to go through plenty of files to verify figures and facts. However, with our VoIP systems, features such as Caller ID, Call Logs, and Virtual Fax Logs make it possible to save figures for easy billing.

The best phone systems for law offices must offer such services due to the accuracy needed in recording data. This can be even more crucial when dealing with multiple clients. The beauty of our VoIP system is that it does integrate with other CRM tools for easy export and importation of data.

Integrate into Backend Systems

Integration of communication systems is the way to go for most modern businesses. Integration simply means that one application can be used alongside another for the smooth running of the business. For lawyers and other legal practitioners, there are many reasons why integration might be necessary.

Our modern VoIP system integrates freely with calendar apps, which make it ideal for booking appointments, setting reminders, and making reports. With these features, lawyers are keen to remember court dates and keep up with appointments as they come.

Most VoIP providers for law firms use systems that support integration. If a VoIP provider does not offer integration it is safe to cut such a relationship and find a reliable service provider.

Record Calls for Accuracy

In the legal profession, words have power. Each word said could be used as evidence in a court of law. As such, each word said must be captured in writing. With VoIP systems, lawyers have the joy of recording all calls word for word to assist in the storage of evidence.

As is the case with most business phone solutions for legal services, our VoIP system also allows call recording. Users can choose to record all calls specific calls or specific sections of a call. The record call feature is especially important when recording witness testimonies, and other legally binding agreements.

No Unexpected Charges

The other key importance of using VoIP service for legal services providers and small businesses is the coat. At the end of the day, the cost of communication should not be a cause for high operating costs. The ideal way of cutting down communication costs is by shifting to VoIP for business.

VoIP for businesses is cost-effective in several ways. To start with there is no need to invest heavily in the initial costs of setting up the business. The only infrastructure needed is a stable internet connection and normal desktop computers. Most VoIP providers for law firms will cater to all other resources needed.

Most importantly our services are available in flexible packages. Businesses are allowed to choose a package that correlates with their needs and not pay for services they do not need. The beauty of it all is that services can be reviewed at any point, to introduce new features or reduce useless features.

How to Find the Best VoIP for Your Business?

It is a proven fact that lawyers need scalable cloud VoIP service for law firms and types of small businesses. The efficiency that such services provide plus the cost reduction are reasons that you may want to shift to VoIP for your business.

If you are looking to shift to VoIP for your business, we are here for you. We know what it takes to set up VoIP for all types of businesses and organizations. We will guide you through the process until you are fully set up and operational. Fill our contact form for more information about our services.