VoIP Phone Systems for Schools

Best Telephone Systems for Schools

The recent pandemic has altered nearly all aspects of life including how the education system operates. As a result, remote learning has become a new reality for the majority of people as the virus continues its ramifications. Meanwhile, VoIP for schools has immensely helped people to make this quick transition to the world of “new normal”. 

In the education systems, only a few people would think of the administrative segment but it requires a lot of financial planning and budgeting. VoIP phone systems for schools offer the cheapest plans that can help these schools to make a transition to this new remote learning system without compromising on the communication systems. 

To keep the administrations and schools running seamlessly especially when it’s getting less financial support from the higher authorities, the VoIP for schools phone system has a host of beneficial features to offer. Keep on reading to discover more.

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Features of the VoIP Phone Systems for Schools

Previously, the majority of the schools had to bear an extremely high fee to upkeep their communication system and access necessary features. After all, the communication system is the only way that facilitates how a school creates a bond with the external world and ensures its success. As a result, they failed at lowering their phone bills.


Nevertheless, VoIP phone systems for schools offer top-notch functionalities unlike any traditional best telephone systems for schools along with additional features that enable these schools to have faster, and efficient communication. Schools can choose these state-of-the-art modern tools and maintain efficient communication at an affordable rate. 


The top VoIP features offered by the best telephone systems for schools include:

Free Calls in Internal Network

Although VoIP features largely vary depending on the providers, the majority of them allow their users to call anyone on the internal network without charging any fee. It means students can take advantage of this feature and call their teachers, or anyone connected to this internal network without bearing any charges. 


This provides ample opportunity for school districts to save significantly by adapting to the VoIP phone systems. So far, it’s considered the best telephone system for schools. Yet, it’s important to choose the best service providers as the features vary on them. This can be done with Review VoIP as we help individuals select the best providers. 

Maintain Fiscal Flexibility

In some cases, the best telephone systems for schools or VoIP allow the education institutions to maintain their fiscal flexibility by cutting their costs on monthly contracts. Alternatively, these schools were required to enter monthly contracts while choosing any other business phone system and pay a monthly fee for the same. 


In addition, it was harder for the majority of schools to leave these phone services even after the contracts expired. Nonetheless, the VoIP system doesn’t require its users to enter into any monthly contracts. Hence, the schools can maintain their constant need for high-end communication at a lower cost.

Video Conferencing

In remote learning, teachers, students, parents, and administrators must have access to an uninterrupted video conferencing system to enable video communication from various locations. Mostly, the video conferencing is conducted through an IP transmission system and digital ISDN.


However, VoIP is an internet-based system that requires less installation and hardware expenses than any other technology used in the previous generations. With these state-of-the-art technologies that produce high-fidelity video and audio for life-like experiences in any presentations or seminars, everyone can be benefited equally. 

Call Routing

Unlike the traditional best telephone systems for schools, VoIP service providers don’t use any expensive hardware to make communication hassle-free. Instead, These are hosted and managed by the providers off-site. As a result, it makes it easier to set up call forwarding, auto attendants, and stress-free call routing with extension menus. 


All these features are dedicated to saving the precious hours of the members involved in the administrative system of the school along with the students. The VoIP system reduces phone bills by eliminating the large upfront investments in hardware, installation, wiring, and labor costs. Furthermore, it’s a better investment than others.

Automatic Call Distribution

The ACD or automatic call distribution system is the sophisticated version of the call hunting process. This smart ACD system can put the right person on the phone without hunting for them. Previously, the linear-based routine was used to connect people to the first extension available but ACD distributes these calls evenly across the route. 


As a result, schools can benefit from this ACD system offered by the best telephone systems for schools as every call is routed based on the time, date, caller’s requirements, circumstances, and routing conditions. These rules can be customized but calls are routed to the most appropriate individual to help the caller.

Conference Bridging

The conference bridging is the feature that allows a large group of people to participate in one phone call. Generally, all conventional phone service has a limit to the number of conference calls that can be made. On the contrary, the best telephone systems for schools don’t have a limit to this conferencing system. 


This conference bridge eliminates the communication issues faced previously by the schools especially while scheduling the meeting online. Further, it helps administrators, students, teachers, parents, school workers, and other stakeholders involved in the community to maintain an effective and timely interaction with each other. 


These are a few glimpses of the features offered by the VoIP for schools service providers. The benefits are endless as it includes voicemail to email incorporation, group paging, robocalling, call recording, and online faxing as well. Overall, this helps the schools to succeed as successful educational institutions.

Reimagine the Communication System With VoIP for Schools

Since VoIP for school services include all the traditional features along with a slew of modern features, it helps to transform the entire remote learning process. Features listed above only scratch the surface of the VoIP service’s capability. This custom programming system offers limitless features to transform the communication system. 


Nevertheless, it requires the schools to leverage the power of the best VoIP phone systems for schools. Here’s where ReviewVoip has come to help. We go through a streamlined process to ensure the reviews are verified and can be trusted. Therefore, individuals can make an informed choice to select the best VoIP for schools.