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5 Reasons Why Law Offices are Switching to a VoIP Phone System

Establishing a successful law firm is not a walk in the park. You have to compete with big firms that have the resources to run advanced IT systems. For this reason, smaller law firms have to find alternative ways of competing with the largest advanced firms.

One of the ways that law firms compete equally with large firms is by using cloud-based communication solutions. Voice over Internet Protocol VIP is a technology that has enabled many small firms to advance communication without having to pay heavily. Firms that use such services enjoy benefits that are usually reserved for big firms.

To understand what fully entails VoIP service it is necessary to look at VoIP service ratings. Keep on reading this text to learn more about VoIP services and the benefits they have for law firms.

What is a Law Firm Phone System?

communication systemA law firm phone system simply refers to a setup communication system that is used both internally and externally to send and receive different types of communication media. Traditionally, a law firm phone system was reserved for receiving voice calls and sending out the same. However, advancements in technology have changed.

Today, the best phone for lawyers is one that combines voice calls with other media to communicate such as text messages, video calls, emails, and others. These are services that can only be found under cloud-based communication. This explains the reason behind high VoIP service ratings.

Below are the top 5 reasons why law firms are switching to VoIP phone systems:

    1. The Possibility of Disaster Recovery

    Law firms are businesses that are built around data storage, security, and preservation. The work of a lawyer heavily relies on the collection of evidence and storage. All this data should be secured. With VoIP phone systems, law firms can be sure that data can be recovered if lost.

    According to VoIP service ratings, one of the top reasons why small law firm phone system developers are shifting to VoIP is its security. VoIP is the only phone system that can store and protect data for a long time.

    2. The Use of Video Conferencing

    The second reason why law firms are shifting to VoIP is the power of video conferencing. In this century, people communicate by video call. If a lawyer is unable to attend a meeting, features such as video conferencing can be used. The best VoIP for lawyers ensures that this feature is available because it promotes remote working.

    Today, there are many courts where physical attendance is restricted. With the best telephone systems for a law office, there is no need of attending hearings physically.

    3. Can Give Small Law Firms the Look of a Big Firm

    big companyThe best telephone systems for law office are those that can help small firms compete with big ones. With VoIP systems, smaller law firms get the competitive features that were traditionally reserved for big firms. For instance, VoIP extensions help law firms operate in multiple locations.

    Further, other features such as auto-attendant, and call transfers can also help small firms create an image of professionalism.

    4. Remote Access

    The other feature of VoIP that makes it attractive to law firms is remote access. With remote access, lawyers can receive calls and even make important business calls when they are outside the office. This feature has helped increase VoIP service ratings among legal practitioners.

    With the best telephone systems for a law office, lawyers do not have to worry about being in the office at all times. This is because they can work remotely.

    5. Low Cost of Communication

    Most importantly, the best telephone systems for law offices should not be expensive. One of the reasons why lawyers are shifting to VoIP is that VoIP is the cheapest communication solution. This type of law firm phone system is very affordable despite it being the best system of communication globally.
    The cost of communication is lowered in two ways. First, there is no need of hiring in-house experts to maintain communication systems. Secondly, there is no need for paying for features that are not relevant to your business.

Order the Best Telephone Systems for Law Office Today

While it is an open secret that VoIP phone systems are the best for law firm communication, sourcing the best system is not easy. There are many players in the market who claim to offer reliable communication solutions but fail to deliver.

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