Tips to Reduce Call Hold Times at Your Business

It is frustrating to make a call that is kept on hold for ages. According to statistics, most people are only willing to hold in line for up to 2 minutes. In most cases, callers abandon a call, even if it is important, within the first two minutes. For the success of any business, it is paramount to cut call times and make customers feel appreciated.

Call hold times mainly refer to the time taken from the point a person gets connected during a call to the time they speak to a call center agent. In most cases, businesses allow the caller to listen to music or advertisements. Some businesses even use call hold times as a platform to market new products and communicate changes.

Callers do not enjoy waiting in line or listening to advertisements according to VoIP reviews. Long hold times are bad for business and must be cut down. Keep on reading to learn more about cutting call wait times.

What Are Call Hold Times?

call holdCall wait times simply refer to the period before a caller gets to speak to a live agent. When a customer calls with the intention of speaking to a live agent, even AI robots may not be helpful. In this case, it is only until the caller gets to speak directly to an agent that the call wait time comes to an end.

Cutting call wait time for a business depends on many factors. In some cases, it can be due to lack of staff members, poor coordination, poor systems among others. VoIP reviews consumer reports available to VoIP phone users can be helpful. It is also important to check VoIP reviews to find out what customers want.

Implement Skill-Based Routing

Routing is one of the ways to manage calls at a call center. Through the help of VoIP phone systems, businesses can filter calls to ensure that every caller is sent directly to the right department and to the right agent. Most VoIP reviews indicate that customers hate being sent to the wrong agent since it almost doubles up the wait time.

When checking VoIP phone service reviews it is important to find out whether a VoIP phone system offers call management and routing that can help cut waiting time. For businesses that intend to use heavy traffic systems, VoIP comparison is a must. Both user VoIP reviews and business VoIP phone service reviews are enlightening.

Offer Multi-Channel Support

Communication cannot be accomplished through a single channel in modern times. Integrated systems such as VoIP allow customers to use other communication channels to cut the wait time. With fewer people calling, the agents can serve all customers to avoid bad VoIP VoIP comparisons.

Top VoIP phone service reviews show that customers prefer having multiple channels of communication such as texting, social media, email among others besides regular voice calls.

Thankfully, VoIP service providers can offer these services to avoid poor VoIP reviews.

Review Queue Reporting

VoIP call centerIt is impossible to cut down call wait times unless there is data showing how long callers wait in the queue. Reviewing the available data is important since it helps in decision-making. VoIP phone service reviews may also provide a rough idea of what the ideal waiting time is.

It is also important to note that wait times vary based on the business model. Residential VoIP reviews show that residential callers may be a bit forgiving in terms of waiting time but commercial callers are more strict and less forgiving. When reading reviews, checkout 1-VoIP reviews or more from residential reviewers.

Where to See the Best VoIP Phone Service Reviews?

Whether you are running a small or large business, communication is at the center of it. It is mandatory to check residential VoIP reviews and VoIP phone service reviews to gauge yourself against otters. Competitor VoIP service providers use such reviews to make key decisions.

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