Is VoIP Good for Small Businesses?

According to most online reviews, a good VoIP for a small business phone system is essential for company growth. Broadly speaking, reviews on community platforms such as Quora and Reddit as well as webinars suggest that one-third of internet phone services for small businesses are currently using a VoIP enterprising phone system.

The best VoIP app for business depends on certain factors like the number of employees a small business phone system has on their payroll. A well-rounded number today is about 50 employees or less.

Some good VoIP enterprising phone systems for small businesses may include the following but are not limited to:

  • Nextiva
  • RingCentral
  • Vonage
  • 8×8
  • Ooma
  • And many more

These VoIP services appear to have the most impact on businesses with smaller workforces but the best way to spot a good enterprise phone solution is to conduct personal research and read reviews such as this in-depth guide by Review VoIP. It’s not always about the cheapest VoIP business phone service but one that works.

Small Business VoIP Enterprising Benefits

There are several components to look out for when seeking a dependable VoIP enterprising phone system for small businesses. Moreover, ever since VoIP providers entered the field, they provided more functionality and lower pricing than the conventional business cell phone and landline service plans.

With so many small business phone system companies at large, we decided to include the four most factors to consider for small businesses looking to endeavor with VoIP enterprising:

1. Professional Training, Support, and Installation

Most small businesses do not have the expertise or time to host and install their VoIP enterprising systems. Therefore, hiring a third-party provider doesn’t make any sense, so it’s much better to go with reliable providers like the ones mentioned above.

2. Customizable User Templates

According to IT experts, small to mid-size companies change personnel and go through changes. Meaning, dependant on the type of position or level the employees had, permissions are generally required to block or activations to install. It’s oftentimes more beneficial for small to mid-sized businesses to inquire about VoIP enterprising.

3. Dedicated Circuits

When a VoIP enterprising system with dedicated is installed for large businesses, the call quality becomes less non-negotiable because these VoIP providers understand that if they don’t have crystal-clear communications, they won’t have too many customers wanting to stay with them.

Resulting in:

  • VoIP providers offering dedicated VoIP circuits to an exact location
  • Better quality control on QoS
  • 100% landline connections

Any solid VoIP business plans currently available today can make a difference for a small business phone system. While cellphones have become mainstream on a global level, small businesses benefit more from a dedicated landline. This has been a staple for small to large scale companies seeking VoIP enterprising advantages.

Extended Advantages of VoIP Enterprising

One of the biggest advantages is that VoIP enterprising saves small businesses time and money with IT training and money spent on third-party vendors when company handsets become broken or malfunction. According to industry professionals, small business VoIP companies throw away thousands of dollars into the recycle bin.

By and large, a hosted VoIP enterprising phone system supports on-site installation, pre-configured routers, links to streaming channels like YouTube, and so much more. Much like any product or review, it is always best to conduct proper research into VoIP business plans for small companies.