phone systems for transportation companies

Phone Systems for Transportation Companies

Transportation companies need strong, reliable, and affordable communication for the effective delivery of their services. These companies serve a wide range of customers who are usually geographically distributed. With huge distances to be covered, the communication channels employed play a key role.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems provide a solution that cargo and other transportation companies can use. VoIP is a phone system where communication is done over the internet. As a result, this type of phone system does not limit users to a physical location as is the case with cable phones.

Review VoIP is one of the leaders in the delivery of VoIP services. We understand that the choice of the phone service provider is a big step and may affect the overall running of a business. To find out how Review VoIP services can help today, keep reading.

What Are the Benefits of Transportation Services Using VoIP?

voip benefitsThe transport phone system goes beyond just linking individuals on two ends of the divide. With transportation services using VoIP, communication solutions are integrated into the operations of the organization.

For instance, truck drivers are required to keep in touch with the company office while at the same time communicating with the clients on their destination. VoIP solutions offer features that facilitate this smooth interlink. The clients remain satisfied while at the same time, drivers enjoy their work environment.

The benefits of VoIP to transportation companies range from the efficiency of communication to accessibility among others.

Below is an outline of the key benefits transportation companies enjoy when they use VoIP:

Communication Cost Reduction

Given that communication under VoIP happens over the internet, the cost of making calls is way lower as compared to other options in the market. With VoIP, there are no charges associated with cellphone networks such as connection costs. In most cases, the phone logistics of transportation companies are costly.

With the leading VoIP service providers, you may enjoy plenty of free local calls. It is common practice for VoIP providers to offer some free local calls to customers. All these incentives go a long way in reducing communication costs. A normal VoIP call will only cost a fraction of what regular carriers charge.

Reliable Phone System

voip phone system One factor every company must consider before settling for a phone system is how reliable the system is. With transportation companies, employees are always on the road. Opting for a communication channel that can be affected by weather or terrain could be a significant problem in the long run.

With VoIP systems, users can be sure that they will be found at any time of the day. This is because VoIP relies on internet connection and not on radio waves. Unlike cell phones that rely on radio waves, the internet is not easily affected by bad weather. With VoIP, the system will remain operational even during tough storms.

Based on the complex phone logistics of transportation companies, it becomes necessary to find solutions for transportation services using VoIP. VoIP is reliable and will ensure that all the goods are delivered to the right location at the right time to avoid any problems in between.


VoIP is accessible to all people for various reasons. The VoIP phone system can be used on all types of devices. VoIP Review categorizes VoIP service providers based on how accessible and flexible their systems are. Ideally, transportation services using VoIP want a flexible and accessible option.

With our experience in the market, we work hand in hand with our clients to help manage phone logistics of transportation companies. We know the special needs of transportation companies using VoIP and we are best placed to help those who want to go this route find durable and lasting solutions for communication.

Easy to Track

voip benefit of tracking One of the most complex transportation logistics is the tracking of vehicles and goods. Both the client and the company should always have a clear picture of where their products are at every point in time. This is not always easy since some trackers may fail, GPS based trackers will not give accurate data.

With the use of VoIP systems, transportation companies enjoy the benefit of tracking where their drivers are at all times. Offering transportation services using VoIP communication does make the work easier for transportation companies.

This option simplifies the complex phone logistics of transportation companies. With other types of communication solutions, companies have to install trackers and also back them up with office systems to ensure that they keep tabs on drivers. With VoIP, all these complexities are not necessary.

International Connection

Most transportation service providers start small but eventually grow large and may at some point want to go international. Cross-border trading comes with its fair share of demands. Top on the list is the need to find a reliable and affordable communication solution. Cross-border calls on cell phones can be very costly.

When operating cross-border transportation services using VoIP, the cost of communication is cut down significantly. This drastic shift in the cost of communication should be embraced by companies that are after profits in their new markets. All transportation companies using VoIP say that it is much better.

International phone logistics of transportation companies is quite different from other companies. This is because drivers traveling such long distances need to keep on communicating, even though they are crossing borders from one country to another. There is no need for constantly changing sim cards with VoIP.

Features of VoIP Phone Systems that are Necessary or Tracking

Review VoIP only comes into the picture to help you choose a phone system that works for your business model. It is a fact that phone logistics of transportation companies are quite complex. It is also a fact that transportation companies using VoIP are thriving over their competitors.

To enjoy the benefits of transportation services using VoIP, it is important to understand the available VoIP features. Different phone system providers offer different features. Review VoIP only comes into the picture to help you understand these features and make an informed choice.

These features of VoIP are plenty and are often available on most phone services. Although the features offered by different service providers may vary, it is also necessary to check out the basic features present on all VoIP phones.

Below, are the key features of VoIP phone systems that are ideal for transportation services providers:

Find me/Follow me

voip featuresTop of the range is the find me/follow me feature. This feature helps employees who are always on the road to remain connected with those at the office. This works by allowing employees in the field to route their calls to their colleagues back at the office. This way, they are all in contact.

When operating transportation services using VoIP, replaying customer questions and calls is easy. Even if the driver is not in a position to answer the call, transportation companies using VoIP can make an arrangement such that employees at the call center respond to those calls on time.

This feature improves the phone logistics of transportation companies. It becomes easier for customers and employees to relate and ensure that services are delivered in a satisfactory manner.

Remote Calling

The other key feature available in all VoIP phone systems is remote calling. All transportation services using VoIP must provide a way through which remote drivers can be reached. This is a challenge that has remained unsolved for many years in the phone logistics of transportation companies.

Thanks to the introduction of VoIP calls, the issue of remote access is no longer a problem. Drivers and other employees can be accessed no matter where they are or what they are doing. Those who offer long-distance VoIP transportation services can rely on VoIP to manage transportation logistics.

International Calling

When it comes to the question of an international call, no other phone system competes with VoIP systems. It is common for transportation companies to ferry goods and even people across borders. These cross-border travels often mean that drivers cross from one territory to another.

Among the challenging phone logistics of transportation companies for cross-border operators include:

  • Having to face different communication laws once the vehicle crosses the border,
  • Complete change of cellphone network carriers across territories.
  • Lack of credit recharge points for long-distance travelers.
  • The constant change of phone numbers may not be good for the company’s image.

These challenges that are faced by users of cellphones are not experienced by transportation services using VoIP. On the contrary, those who use VoIP continually enjoy communication throughout long-distance journeys. With VoIP, there is no need to change phone numbers or even sim cards.

For long-distance VoIP transportation services, phone service providers ensure that you have alternative credit recharge options such as using credit cards among others. Furthermore, VoIP calls are made one and do not have to be limited by local calling rules and policies.

Flexible Call Packages

voip options One of the beautiful features of VoIP phone systems is the use of packages. When it comes to other types of phone systems, users don’t have so many options. With VoIP systems, packages are provided based on the features that a user wants to choose. transportation services using VoIP have different needs.

A review of phone logistics of transportation companies shows that some companies need international calling while others don’t. These differences in what long-distance VoIP transportation services need can lead to a difference in package rates.

With the use of call packages, it becomes much easier for these companies to choose services and features that are geared towards their business models.


This is one of the key features that transportation companies may find quite helpful. Review VoIP often advises users of VoIP to capitalize on the benefits of auto attendant. When calls are coming in from all corners, it might be sometimes difficult to attend to all callers.

A critical look at phone logistics of transportation companies shows that transportation services using VoIP leverage this feature when drivers cannot respond to calls on the road. The feature helps redirect the callers to the call center where transportation logistics can be handled.

Those who rely on long-distance VoIP transportation services find this feature quite fulfilling. At Review VoIP, we also recommend it to our clients. When choosing the VoIP phone system to use, it is vital to ask questions regarding this feature and others that you may find helpful.

Call Forwarding

voip for delivery servicesTransportation logistics can get very complex for drivers when they are out there on the road. Both short and long-distance VoIP transportation services can help smoothen service delivery for customers by providing better communication thanks to call-forwarding. This feature makes it possible for all calls to be answered.

Even if the driver is not accessible or called for any reason, companies that offer transportation services using VoIP can worry less about customer management. All calls are automatically forwarded to the call center to help with the management of phone logistics of transportation companies.

The above key features and benefits of VoIP services should help you and your company make a key decision on the right communication solution. VoIP phone systems do not compare to any other and are ideal for all those who wish to enhance communication.

Review VoIP Services and Phone Logistics of Transportation

Transportation services providers have so many options when it comes to selecting a usable phone service. The problem is finding a reliable phone system. At VoIP Review, we have established that transportation services using VoIP are a reliable solution. We are here to help you with the phone logistics of transportation companies.

Review VoIP has helped many transportation companies using VoIP to enjoy the benefits of VoIP. Do not be left out of the many benefits that VoIP offers to transportation companies. If you are in the transportation business, reach out to us. Please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you with more details.