Provider Overview

Their name may not be the most immediately recognizable brands in the VoIP and Unified Communications industry, but ClarityTel is still a leading VoIP service solution provider. They have been in the industry providing VoIP software solutions since 2003, and has grown over time. With thirteen years of experience under their belts, ClarityTel has continued shape their own service solutions, a unique spin on the Hosted PBX solution, to the small business market. With their own unique pricing model, ClarityTel offers some of the same services that most Enterprise level providers include in their solutions – such as the usual 35 calling features that accompany a cloud based system, such as unlimited calling, or an even more technical auto attendant.

However, with their own pricing model and unique advanced features tailored to the small and medium business owner, ClarityTel certainly has made a name for themselves, enough to stick around for 13 years at least. The provider’s entire catalogue of advanced features, combined with a robust, reliable nationwide network and 24/7 customer service and tech support, offers a price conscious solution for the smaller, or even medium to large, business in need of more than just a basic cloud telephony or unified communications solution.

Plan/Pricing Breakdown:

ClarityTel offers three different size tiers, each with their own pricing point and allotted lines.

  • 1-9 Lines for $24.99 a month
  • 10-24 Lines for $21.99 a month
  • 25-50 Lines for $19.99 a month

Each one of these plans includes the following 35 features

From there, if users need to expand their plan even further and add on more advanced features, they can choose from the following list:

  • Advanced Auto Attendant for $9.99
  • Store Locater Service for $49.99
  • Receptionist Call Manager for $49.99
  • Live Answering Service for $39.99
  • Call Queue Management (requires quote)
  • Call Recording Module (requires quote)
  • Voice and Fax Broadcasting starting at 2 cents per call

Businesses can also add on the Clarity vFax service to their voice service for a total unified communications platform. Users can choose between:

  • Clarity vFax for $11.99 per month
    • Virtual Fax service
    • Access fax via email, anywhere
    • Unlimited inbound
    • Fax to email
    • Clarity vFax+
    • Everything from the standard vFax
    • 150 pages outbound/mo

Editor’s Bottom Line

ClarityTel might not be the most instantly recognizable name, but when it comes to outfitting your small or medium sized business with a price conscious, and feature packed service they are absolutely worth taking the time to consider. While their voice plans cap at 50 lines, any business that fits into that segment might want to take another look at ClarityTel’s pricing. With one flat fee that includes unlimited calling, as well as such a massive list of features, they offer a very compelling service solution. The ability to further customize your plan allows a business to either keep it cheap and simple, or tack on some very unique advanced features that can truly benefit any business with the correct use case.

Unique advanced features like ClarityTel’s Store Locator Service will not fit into every single business use case, those that can and would benefit from such features will probably feel at home with ClarityTel. For example, the Store Locator Service will assist inbound calling customers to quickly connect to the correct store on your business’ network. But if your business is just one team in one office, then other advanced features Receptionist Call Manager might be useful – this provides a professional SIP softphone client for operators and receptionists. The client will also directly integrate with your e-mail or CRM app so your receptionist will stay on top of everyone calling in to make appointments.

ClarityTel also offers an Advanced Auto Receptionist for when the basic system just won’t cut it, as well as call recording, Voice and Fax broadcasting and even a live answer service so you can always have a real, alive person answering your phone. These unique advanced features are an easy way for even the smallest business to boost their image to an Enterprise level, fortune 500 company.

Not every business will require or benefit from each one of these services, but that is part of the beauty of ClarityTel’s offering – they don’t charge your business more money for features you don’t need, but rather let your business customize and tailor a plan. These features are also slightly unique, such as the Live Answering Service and Store Locator, and make a lot of sense for a small or medium sized business looking to boost their image, while keeping costs low and customizing the plan with unique advanced features to fit their business’ needs.

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